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  1. FAQ

    Understanding ShuRoo

    Remember ShuRoo is a deterrent, not a forcefield.

    It has been specifically designed and thoroughly tested since 1986 to assist keep the wildlife away from your car, truck, 4WD, bus or bike. Most kangaroos in the wild are flighty and erratic, and they can be counted on to act as such. However, the massive difference is that ShuRoo alerts them to your presence as you are approaching, giving both animal and human the greatest chance of avoiding a collision.

    If you require further information about ShuRoo, please contact us with your enquiry.

    How does ShuRoo work?

    Under normal circumstances, kangaroos do not hear the low-frequency sounds that an approaching vehicle creates. ShuRoo projects a high-frequency sound pattern through a continually changing range of frequencies in front of and to the sides of the vehicle. Because kangaroos use high-frequency for warnings of impending danger, they take evasive action.

    Why does high-frequency sound work?

    In the wild, kangaroos are always listening for approaching danger. If you try to creep up on them, they always look in your direction. This is because their high-frequency hearing capacity is much greater than ours. For example, the slight sound of a twig snapping is much louder to a kangaroos than it is to humans.

    Is ShuRoo a whistle?

    No. ShuRoo cannot be compared with cheap, air-activated whistles. Whistles operate on a single frequency and have no ability to project sound forward and to the side of the vehicle. They simply become just another noise around the vehicle and can become inoperative due to bugs and dirt entering the venturi without the driver knowing.

    How far down the road does ShuRoo project?

    Approximately 400 metres ahead and approximately 50 metres on each side of the vehicle. High-frequency sound is like your vehicle lights – the sound pattern does not go around corners or over crests, so use commonsense when travelling in highly-vegetated areas or winding roads.

    Will all kangaroos run away?

    No. ShuRoo is not designed to “scare” or “panic”, but is like a sophisticated police siren which alerts the kangaroos that there is something strange and disturbing approaching. As you get closer, the sound gets stronger and the kangaroos is alerted and aware. By choice kangaroos won’t knowingly run directly into our vehicles. They mostly do this when startled and, being a flighty animal, panic. ShuRoo helps avoided all this by letting the kangaroos know we’re around.

    Does buying a ShuRoo guarantee that I will never again collide with an animal?

    No. Whilst ShuRoo is the world leader in this field, we cannot make that claim as we are dealing with a wild, flighty animal, in varying conditions, at different speeds. But ShuRoo will alert them to your presence and independent reports show between 70% and 90% reduction in wildlife collisions for vehicles fitted with ShuRoo.

    Will ShuRoo fit all vehicles?

    Yes, it is designed to fit all vehicles.

    How can I tell its working?

    The unit is fitted with a LED switch with will stop glowing green if there is a problem with the unit. Outside the vehicle the speakers emit a crisp, audible “zip, zip” noise. If you can’t hear this from OUTSIDE the vehicle, have your ShuRoo checked.

    Will it affect my animals when we travel?

    No. ShuRoo’s sound is projected in front of the vehicle. As such anything behind the speakers will not be in direct line of the sound.

    How can I tell if anything is wrong?

    ShuRoo is working when the dash light is glowing steadily.

    Does ShuRoo work in the wind and rain?

    Yes. Shuroo works in all conditions, including water crossings.

    How long will ShuRoo last?

    We suggest testing the speakers after 100,000 kms, or every 3 years.

    Can I fit ShuRoo to a bull bar?

    ShuRoo can easily be fitted to a bull bar. ShuRoo’s unique sound pattern also helps protect from side hits.

    Can I hide the unit behind the grill of my vehicle?

    No. ShuRoo needs clear line of site to be effective. The unit fits unobtrusively beneath your number plate and integrates extremely well with modern vehicle designs.

    Can I fit ShuRoo to my 24volt truck?

    Yes, you will need a 24–12volt 3amp reducer.

    What maintenance is required?

    ShuRoos need very little maintenance, just make sure that the speaker grill is clear of bugs and that the green light is glowing steadily. In normal conditions you should get around 80,000 miles before the speakers need looking at.